Partemus means "take part". Take part in the vast knowledge, rich culture and various information all over Europe.

This site offers people from across different countries and regions to share and ask: How can a person for example in Southern Finland benefit from someone in Northern Hungary, what do you like in/from within your region, your country, your city, what would you like to learn from someone else?

Although the site is mostly used for infotainment, the authors of this web-site do not want to hide the fact that the original intention was to foster European integration.


What do you like in your region/your country?

share with others what you know


Do you have question for another region/country?

learn from others

Learn from the benchmark

If something works well in location A, there is good reason that it will work in location B as well. This is called "benchmarking". It is in most cases easier to copy than to re-invent the wheel.


To exhibit your art work on this site send us a mail. It's free.
réacteur 2° étappe
Nanou Puppo, 2011
Aix en Provence, FR
LEDs on A320 engine inlet over mixed Triplex glass
VinceBank, 2014
Aix en provence, PACA, FR
VinceBank, 2014
Aix en provence, PACA, FR