The Ethics of the Partemus Site


  • This site is kept open for everyone providing users for much freedom to share thoughts and opinions. On the other side that degree of freedom requires everyone to stick to some very basic rules. In order to maintain this site's openness the site administrators reserve the right to ban, without notice, anyone user violating these rules.
  • The site administrators commit to secrecy and confidentiality of every user's profile. Only usernames will be shown.
  • There are purposely no pictures with the profiles, as the authors of this site intent to foster competing content rather competing beauties, or "bling-bling" as French say.
  • Site statistics will be published regularly (we are aiming at like "what is the main topic of exchanges between, say, Northern Poland and Southern Italy", "What is the trend of interest in spaghetti cooking over the last 6 months", etc.). Still, no individual user's data or behaviour will ever be shared.


  • Apply mutual respect with no insults or inappropriate language. The Partemus team may moderate users' inputs at any moment without notice.
  • Discussions about religion are banned from this site to keep that can of worms very much closed.
  • Racism is not acceptable.
  • All writers and commentators must have full copyright of what they publish, in particular for the uploaded pics. The Partemus team reserves the right to delete any infringement immediately. For reporting of copyright infringement, use the "report abuse" button.


  • Only chosen user names will be shown on this site. You may chose your own name or any alias you may wish.
  • No email, real names will ever be shown, displayed or shared on this site. Still, users can send mails off-line to one another via the server-mailing system where only server knows the addressee's mail. The receiver will however see the sender's mail address. The receiver can then decide to take on a discussion off-line and sharing his mail in private or not.