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L'école allemande vue d'un élève français

Aix-en-Provence, DarkCody24, 05/05/2015 (generation)

Un "Gymnasium" allemand - je suis en sixième à Aix en Provence. Pendant mes vacances de Pacques j'ai pu passer une journée dans l'école avec mon ami allemand à Stuttgart. Et pourtant l 'école allemande n'est pas du tout pareil que celle en France.

Voici les différences que j'ai observé:
- L'école allemande est beaucoup moins strict
- On peut discuter un peu pendant le cours
- Les allemand finissent l'école à 13h00
- Il y a 3 pauses de 5min et une de 20min
- Il n'y a pas de cantine dans les écoles allemande car ils finissent tous à 12h55 ou 12h05
- La durée d'une heure de cours est toujours de 45min et le premier cours commence à 7h45
- Les élèves en classe sont beaucoup moins nombreux, ils sont entre 10 et 15 élèves par classe

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Marseille airport, arrival

Aix, Araldh, 31/01/2015 (travel)

If ever you arrive at Marseille airport and plan to seek the toilet at arrival whilst waiting for your suitcase: DO NOT!
There is only one toilet cabinet (one for women, one for men) for all planes arriving. The cueing up of people pressed and urged is almost funny.
Cleanness is ok (but depends on the intensity of the people just before you).
Relieve yourself in flight, not at the airport.
This accounts for flights at the terminal for airlines other than Air France.
Bon voyage.

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Galette des Rois (Kings Cake)

Paris, Standage, 07/01/2015 (cooking)

PICzzYI39th-1.jpg The first Sunday of the New Year and throughout the month of January, the French have the tradition to eat the so called 'Galette des Rois' (Kings Cake).
There are two types of galette, the one which is preferred in the North of France is a flaky, buttery pastry with a delicious almond cream filling, whereas in the South, the galette is more like a big bun 'brioche' topped with coarse sugar and candied fruit.
When the galette is made, the baker will place a small ceramic symbol 'fève' into the pastry before baking. The galette is then sold with a paper crown, which is part of the tradition.
French families often invite relatives and friends to get together to eat this galette in the afternoon around 4pm and there is a certain procedure that goes with the tradition.
The youngest member (usually a child) is invited to sit under the table, so that the serving of the galette cannot be seen. The child then calls out the names of the people to be served until everyone has a slice of galette on their plate. Then the so called 'goûter' cake-time can begin.
Everybody gets to enjoy the delicious 'galette' served with coffee, tea, hot chocolate or even apple cider. The person who comes across the ceramic symbol is the lucky one and gets to wear the Kings' Crown for the afternoon. It is the delight of the children and makes their day.....
I have lived in other European countries but do not recall such a tradition.
I only know, that in some parts of Germany the 6th of January is a public holiday and is called 'Heilige 3 Könige', whereas in France the 6th of January is a normal working day.
Does anybody know similar celebration like the 'Galette des Rois' and/or snack served and shared during this period of the year in another European country?

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after "la galette" comes pancake time

You are absolutly right "la galette" is very important tradition in France, we eat unreasonable lot of galette all the month.
But are obliged to stop at the end , because another traditon following this one : "la chandleur" .
You can smell pancakes in all flats , in all towns the 2d of february.
AIX EN PROVENCE, NADAIX, February 1, 2015 08:36
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